This is huge for Pragatic Play. Bursting into a highly-regulated market is never an easy feat and we’re not at all surprised that it’s being accomplished by Pragmatic Play.


Taking a live casino portfolio into a regulated market is in fact, a massive step and I think we can all expect to see some big moves from them in the next several months.


For all of you players based in the UK, you can expect to see your favourite Pragmatic Play games very soon J


In addition to these live casino games, Pragmatic Play will also feature a Live Blackjack which has an ‘Auto-Stand’ feature. This is very rare in the online gaming world and will increase your gaming speed significantly. You will be able to set a minimum card point value and hit ‘Stand’ when it reaches the chosen value. This will be huge for Blackjack players.


Who is excited about this new market?


Good Luck! 😀

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